AboutUs (Japanese)

We are not selling hardware nor software.
We believe that all our clients should concentrate on their core business.
And yes, that’s absolutely correct to do so.
Yet, at the same time, let’s think about outsourcing other non-core tasks.
Business is all about decision-marking and concentration.
We are here to assist our clients’ business development of as,
proudly, an “adaptive enterprise” that is highly flexible to embrace changes.
In this era, everything in every industry goes worldly and global
and thus, flexibility is the key to success.
We are small and we are not particularly strong as a group of elites, we know it.
However, we aim to be adaptive, flexible and to be the one of the fittest to survive.
So, what should be done when confronting with changes?
We are convinced that the answer is right in the communication with clients.
Sincerely, we look forward to listening to your business plans and ideas.

President Yudai Watanabe

Company NameSales Assist Co., Ltd.

Tokyo, Minato-ku, Minami-Aoyama 2-2-15 Win Aoyama
Establishment DateJanuary 2012
capital stock3000,000Yen
PresidentYudai Watanabe
BusinessBehalf of corporate promotional activities

Proposal of business efficiency solutions

Building maintenance and operation of information systems

Website planning